About Us

Mission The Cooperation Operation (Coop Op) is a non-profit community organization that transforms vacant urban land into spaces for educational and economic empowerment.

Vision We envision a world where all people have access to affordable healthy food, education, housing, employment, and critical social services.

Talking about quality is subjective, as it depends upon people’s assumptions. As there is no global definition, we can state that high quality is the ability or capacity that a product and services need to please the desires and needs of a customer at a detailed moment.

When we take the meaning of high quality to the area of Wellness Solutions it comes to be much more relevant, because it not only consists of attaining patient complete satisfaction, however likewise enhancing their quality of life, extending it and also oftentimes, stopping them from coming to be unwell or dying.

Nowadays, top quality has actually become one of the fundamental columns for the competition in the Health Services, in an environment where to grant top quality as well as without blunders, is a crucial requirement to please the needs of the individuals and their family members, that are increasingly more informed as well as requiring.

Likewise, it is the client that defines top quality according to his or her understanding based on what she or he expects to get, such as sufficient and also prompt treatment, professional skills, security as well as respect for the ethics of clinical practice, as well as excellent communication, comfy centers, and sensible therapy, among other elements, in order to satisfy his/her needs and also expectations, always looking for to recover his/her health as a result.

That is why discussing high quality in Health Services means not making mistakes and absolutely no mistakes, due to the fact that individuals’ lives are at risk. If we compare the negative top quality in the manufacture of an item and the among a service in the health and wellness area, in the first one what can happen is that the item is returned, it is destroyed or the business loses money, on the other hand, in wellness a mistake can cause the loss of human lives, producing from the reject to an ethical and penal sentence for the establishment or the involved wellness employees.

The good news is, the Health and Wellness Services have actually additionally advanced as well as today we seek to boost procedures to get excellent outcomes and offer the top quality treatment as well as services that people demand through continuous enhancement, with the engagement of supervisors, functional staff, service providers, nurses, clinical residents, support team, and so on, and cultural modification to accomplish overall quality.